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nylon anchor
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  • A : use with the following base materials:
    Concrete  Brick  Block

    B : features of products

    •Pre-assembled, ready to use .
    •Through fastening .
    •Impact expansion by hammer .
    •Anchor size = hole size .
    •Tamper resistant .
    •Corrosion resistant .

    C : how to use
    Installation Instructions

    Nylon Nail-It anchors can be installed in four easy steps. Nylon Nail-Its can be used with the following base materials: concrete, brick, and block. These fasteners come preassembled and ready to use to ensure quick and accurate installation. A Nylon Nail-It can be used in light duty applications under dead, variable, or vibratory loading conditions. Concrete anchors are tamper and corrosion resistant and provide through fastening. Step by Step Installation Instructions follow:

    1.Drill hole using carbide tipped bit. Drill hole 1/4 ” deeper than expected embedment depth.

    2. Clean hole of debris.

    3.Insert nylon nail-it anchor through fixture into hole in base material.

    4. Using a hammer hit the nail into anchor until head is flush with top of anchor.