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Capsules and chamical anchor
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  • A : use with the following base materials:
    • Fixing to concrete
    • Curtain walling support
    • Heavy duty signs
    • Brick support

    B : features of products

    • On smaller projects more conveninent than using a cartridge system

    • Styrene free methacrylate resin

    • Exact measure  of resin required for each application

    • Either end can be inserted into the hole

    • Suitable for reduced anchor spacing and edge disances

    • Ideal for installation in wet or damp conditions

    • Vibration resistant

    C : how to use

    1.Drill correct diameter hole to recommended depth. 

    2.Clean hole thoroughly with brush.
    3.Pump air into hole and repeat and blow process.
    4.Insert capsule.
    5.Drive down stude until the depth mark meets the concrete surfac.
    6. After cure time , tighten bolt with torque wrench to recommended torque.