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Shield anchor
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  • A : use with the following base materials:
     Concrete Brick Block Stone

    •The Shield Anchor is an steel,
    •internally threaded expansion anchor for general purpose applications.
    •Suittable for fixing into Concrete,Solid,Brick,Dense Blockwork and some Natural Stone.
    •F inish available Zinc.
    •Palted and Yellow Passivated min 5um. 

    B : features of products:

    •All Steel anchor.
    •High degree of expansion.
    •Captive Cone Nut.
    •Removable stud.

    C : how to use:
    Installation Instructions  

      Posltion fixture and drill
      correctdiameter hole
      to correct depth

      Clean out hole by
      brushing and blowing to
      remove drilling
      debris and dust

      Insert shield and
      stud into drilled hole

         Postion fixture,attach
         nut and washer onto stud
         and tighten to Recommended