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Strike anchor
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  • A : use with the following base materials:
     Solid Concrete

    B : features of products

    • Made from carbon steel
    • Plated with yellow dichromate over zinc
    • Drive pin is hardened steel
    • Anchor size is hole size
    • No special tools needed to set anchor, just a hammer
    • Nut and washer can be preset for desired embedment
    • Nuts and washers are included
    • No templates required, the actual diameter of the strike anchor is the same as the nominal diameter
    • Anchor is visually inspectable; the anchor is set when the pin meets the threads

    C : how to use
    Installation Instructions
    The installation of concrete strike anchors can be completed in five simple steps. When using these anchors, it is important to note that the fastener size needed is the same as the hole size. The installation process for a strike anchor requires only a hammer; no other special tools are needed. These anchors can be visually inspected after installation, which makes necessary inspection quick and easy. The nuts and bolts needed for installing strike fasteners are included and can be preset for desired embedment in solid concrete. Step by Step Installation Instructions follow:

    1.Drill hole using carbide bit, hole size is anchor size. Drill hole of sufficient depth.

    2. Put nut and washer on anchor. May be flush with top or on fully.
    3. Insert strike anchor into hole and through fixture with nut/washer and set-pin in place.
    4. Set pin, with several sharp and square strikes on head of pin until pin is flush with top of anchor. 
    5. Strike anchor is set with no need to torque nut to set anchor.

    6.Use wrench to set sleeve anchor by turning nut 3 to 4 full turns