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wedge anchor
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  • A : use with the following base materials:
     Solid concrete

    B : features of products

    • Standard zinc plated
    • Hot-dipped galvanized for excellent rust resistance
    • Stainless steel for superior rust resistance

    C : how to use
    1. Drill hole 1/2 ” deeper than wedge anchor embedment using a carbide tipped bit. (Hole size is wedge anchor size).

    2. Clean out hole.
    3. Place nut on the end of wedge anchor (protects threads during installation).
    4. Hammer wedge anchor into hole deep enough so that threads are below surface of base material.

    5. Tighten nut turning approximately three or four turns.


    To find out even more,take a look at this detailed arttical about the Proper Selection and Installation of Wedge Anchors