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How a Concrete Wedge Anchor Works

Concrete wedge anchor secure walls, fixtures and other things to a concrete floor by using an anchoring device which is embedded in the concrete itself. To use a concrete wedge anchor, the installer first drills a hole in the concrete in which to place the concrete wedge anchor. To ensure proper and secure fit, the hole drilled in the concrete should be the same diameter as the thread on the concrete wedge anchor. The concrete wedge anchor is then inserted through the item you wish to attach to the concrete and into the hole in the concrete. The concrete wedge anchor must be driven down into the hole with a hammer or other blunt hammering tool.

Concrete wedge anchors anchor themselves to concrete using tiny metal flaps that stick out like tongues. The tongues are expanded to secure the wedge anchor into the hole when the wedge anchor is tightened. The metal tongues act as little hooks that wedge themselves into the concrete hole in such a way that renders them nearly impossible to remove. To reduce corrosion, indoor concrete wedge anchors are often made from zinc-plated carbon steel. Zinc-plated carbon steel is a corrosion-resistant material, but it is only approved for indoor use. When used indoors, concrete wedge anchors are often employed to secure fixtures in the room so that they stay firmly in place. For outdoor applications using ACQ treated lumber, concrete wedge anchors are usually used because they are made of stainless steel, which is typically stronger, and offers a more secure connection for outdoor construction purposes.

To secure the concrete wedge anchor to the concrete, the concrete wedge anchor is tightened. The tightening expands the wedge anchor’s little metal tongues, securing it in the hole. The anchors are exposed and expanded when the wedge anchor is tightened, because the tightening action lifts a taper upward, exposing and expanding the metal tongues that anchor the concrete wedge anchor. The anchors inside the hole ensure that the concrete wedge anchor is tightly and securely embedded in the concrete. These fasteners work so well that properly installed concrete wedge anchors cannot be removed without damage to the concrete.

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