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Double Collar Wedge Anchor
A masonry and concrete fastening device comprising an expansion dowel including an axially extending anchor bolt having a leading wedge anchor and a trailing wedge anchor in an axial tandem arrangement, each said wedge anchor having frustoconical portions widening towards the lower end of said expansion dowel and having cylindrical segments at the smaller and larger ends of each of said wedge anchors, a contacting structure comprising a pair of spaced collars extending one about each respective cylindrical segment at the smaller ends of the wedge anchors and a web member extending between said collars integrally formed therewith so as to form a bridge structure connecting said wedge anchors; a flat-like groove being formed in the surface of the cylindrical segment at the larger end of the trailing wedge anchor and contiguous frustoconical surface thereof, said bridge structure being receivable in said groove so as to inhibit any relative rotation between said wedge anchors during expansion of said dowel into an operative condition.
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